According to an article on  “Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and social media experts from Silicon Valley are planning a “virtual march” on Washington to push lawmakers to open the doors for businesses to hire immigrants who are skilled in the engineering field.”


Immigration reform for skilled professionals is badly needed and often gets overshadowed by the prospect of granting status to the undocumented. Is neither easy, cheap nor terribly practical under existing laws for high tech companies to hire foreign workers.  If companies are asking for more of them, it is because their skills are needed.


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If congress fails to act, the White House has its own immigration proposal that it will send to congress. The Miami Herald has an article detailing parts of the White House Plan.  It is similar to proposals being discussed in Congress yet light on details.  Members of the GOP immediately criticized the White House proposal and as expected, all parties are using the issue as a political football.  As many commentators have said, Democrats want compassionate immigration reform and Republicans need it.  However, considering how heated the GOP primaries tend to get, it is probably an issue that Republicans want off the table before the next election.

Add to these facts that it is the right thing to do for the country, Washington should move forward and wrap up the issue this year.  Keeping on the football theme and quoting Lou Holtz, “When all is said and done, more is said than done.”  Let us hope that fighting words, emotion and personal politics don’t get in the way of comprehensive immigration reform.

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