On June 12, the visa bulletin showed that almost all employment-based categories would be current in July. Thousands of eligible applicants rushed to have their medical examinations, complete questionnaires and compile the requisite documentation.

As we all know, on July 2, the visa bulletin was replaced not by a revised visa bulletin, but by a notice that no additional EB numbers would be available until at least October 1, 2007.

The DOS site has once again updated the visa bulletin page to read as follows:

“The Visa Bulletin for July 2007, posted on June 12, must be read in conjunction with the Update of July Visa Availability, posted on July 2.

The Update of July Visa Availability, posted on July 2, must be read in conjunction with the Visa Bulletin for July 2007, which was posted on June 12.”

The link can be found to the left. This looks like word games from an agency that is preparing to defend itself against lawsuits and a possible congressional inquiry.

In other news, a Chicago law firm has already filed a class-action lawsuit. AILF’s suit should be filed shortly and will allow those who were eligible to file but did not, to participate as plaintiffs. A revised questionnaire and FAQs will be made available soon to include this sub-class.

Author: Bradley Maged

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