AILF is reporting that it does not need more plaintiffs who filed in July for the class-action lawsuit it will file against the USCIS and DOS at this time. Below is a what AILA wrote about the lawsuit:

“The response has been so strong that currently we do not need any more potential plaintiffs who submitted an adjustment application for receipt in July, unless the individuals have an unusual situation or especially compelling facts, such as an aging-out child. At this time, we also would like to hear from the “non-filers” — people who did not and do not plan to submit an adjustment application for receipt in July but would have done so “but for” the DOS and USCIS actions. These individuals will represent a separate class of plaintiffs. And we’d like to hear from more “other worker” adjustment applicants who applied in June, even if they have not yet received a rejection notice. These individuals will represent a separate class as well. They should read the FAQ, and complete and return to AILF the short form and retainer agreement at

If the lawsuit is successful (and we fully expect it will be), the court will certify classes, and all people who meet the class descriptions will receive the relief the court orders. The class members will not need to “sign up” with AILF to enjoy those rights.”

We will keep you posted.

Author: Bradley Maged

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