I guess the USCIS has decided to stop updating us on receipts.  In any event, a few lawyers claim to have receipts for cases that were filed on July 2, 2007, many more do not.

Not a single EB I-485 USCIS filing fee check from our office has been processed since 8/8/07 (that’s 20 days of no progress).

Hopefully the agency will hire more workers with the windfall in new filing fees from both the recent increase, and the proposed requirement that the approximately 750,000 holders of Permanent Resident Cards without expiration dates pay $370 each to replace them.

Author: Bradley Maged

I'm Brad Maged, an immigration lawyer in Boston, Massachusetts. I help people who want to live and work in the United States and companies that wish to employ them. This blog provides opinion and information on developments in immigration law. Thanks for reading!


  1. Attorneys are concerned about Employment based GC and H1 visas because thats what pay them most. Have you ever raised issues with backlogs in Naturalization? Do you know how folks are affected by delays in I-130 and living apart from spouses? What a true shame

  2. I don’t know how long it will take or the USCIS to issue receipts for July 2, 2007 EB filers – I can’t imagine it would be more than another month or so, but we’ll see. This July Visa Bulletin fiasco was an unprecedented situation.

    52: I don’t think it necessarily means anything. There is sometimes no rhyme or reason to what the government does. BTW we had a slew of approvals for I-485 applications that were filed literally a couple of months ago. Some people had a lucky break with the USCIS trying to use up all the available numbers in June.

    howstupid: Attorneys are concerned with Natz delays as well. Some will file Mandamus suits in the case of unreasonable delays. However, the USCIS has said it will not expedite Natz cases where the delays are related to FBI Fingerprint or Security Clearance delays. I agree that I-130 delays that leave family members separated are also a shame. We need CIR!

  3. Bradley, Thanks for replying. My N-400 is clear with all background checks but still waiting for interview since end of may. I dont understand how CIR would help I-130 delays. Infact stupidity of congress and fear of elimination resulted in increase of I-130 applications. Its almost 1.3million now in backlog. Solution that is fair to legal immigrants and i’m sure to american public is fixing USCIS and not CIR. CIR would further cripple USCIS with 12 million additional applications. Immigration law firms would be clear winner.

  4. Well drafted CIR should include “fixing USCIS”. Also, good immigration firms are busy whether the immigration news is good or bad. Heavy enforcement leads to immigration court (removal / deportation) work as well as employer representation and defense. On the other hand, I agree that CIR would lead to a slew of applications of which immigration lawyers would only be able to handle a fraction especially if the legalization program was of a limited duration.

    Although I can’t speak for all immigration lawyers, having been practicing in the field for seven years I have met foreign nationals with all sorts of predicaments. When I press for CIR, it is because I see a system that doesn’t work for anyone – not to line my pockets.

    Best of luck with your Naturalization interview. I hope it happens soon.

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