The USCIS has issued an Application and Petition Receipting Update.  No progress in EB I-485 Receipting from the Texas Service Center (still at 6/30/07).  This is in line with the number of EB Receipts received and filing fee checks processed from our office in the last week:  zero.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Author: Bradley Maged

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  1. Hi Bradley,

    I filed my application I-485 under the Section 245(i) on July 5th at the Nebraska Service Center; unfortunately I haven’t heard from them yet and the checks hasn’t been processed either.
    Do you think that they haven’t pay attention to my application because it was sent with the following reference line? “G.–/AOS filing 245i”
    What should I expect from this application?

    You too enjoy the long weekend!

  2. I edited your comment to remove your name. If your direct filing jurisdiction was Nebraska and the Receipting Date (per the Update) has passed, I think that there may be a delay with a 245(i) case as such cases may be scrutinized more for eligibility before a receipt will be issued.

    If your case was filed in Nebraska and was transferred to Texas, the delay could simply be because Texas is still processing June 30th cases. However, even in this case, 245(i) based applications may still undergo additional scrutiny before a receipt is issued.

    I’m not 100% sure, but I believe I read recently in the SOP for I-485s that cases filed under 245(i) are to be reviewed by an officer before a receipt is issued (as opposed to a simple review by a mail clerk).

  3. My I-485 along with 765 and request for travel document was received at Nebraska on 5th July. I still haven’t had my checks cashed while USCIS says at Nebraska they are processing those received upto 7/26. Can you please advice as to what I should do?


  4. If you “Direct Filed” your case now, would it be filed in Texas or Nebraska (go to Forms at, click on I-485, on the upper-right click on Direct Filing-this will indicate where your case would be “Direct Filed”)? If Texas, then perhaps your case was transferred there and according to the last update they had not receipted all of the June cases. There could also be other reasons for delays, if 30 days have passed from when your receipt should have been issued according to an Update, you can try calling the USCIS for answers.

  5. You’re welcome. I THINK that’s what they’re doing. Our office had checks processed yesterday for a case filed on 7/2/07 in Nebraska. I have trouble viewing the check on my bank’s site so I can’t tell from the Receipt Number if it was transferred to Texas. We should know in a day or two.

    Direct Filing is simply sending cases to the Service Center where they should be adjudicated. It came into effect on July 30, 2007. My previous reply explains how to determine the Direct Filing location for your state. For MD, it is the Texas Service Center.

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