The latest weekly Update from the USCIS on case receipting times was due yesterday but my guess is that it won’t be out until Monday. Most of the filing fee checks for cases filed by our office through July 2, 2007 have been processed, we are still awaiting receipt notices.  These are cases that I believe will be processed by the Texas Service Center.

So it looks like there will be modest progress from the Texas Service Center when the Update comes out. Of course, once July 2, 2007 cases are receipted, things should move faster because many applicants filed on July 2 (before the DOS initially decided to stop accepting cases per the July Visa Bulletin). There were probably far fewer application between July 2 and July 18 (when the USCIS and DOS announced that applications would officially be accepted) and will slow down for cases filed between mid-July through mid-August – just my guess.  Nebraska is ahead of Texas in Receipting these cases.

Author: Bradley Maged

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  1. If your case was a Nebraska Service Center case, that sounds right. For Texas Service Center cases it is taking longer. This posting is just an Update based on what is happening in our firm. Last week’s USCIS Update said that Texas was processing 6/30/07 and Nebraska was processing 7/26/07. Based on your comment I updated the entry to clarify that I was referring to the Texas Service Center. Thank you!

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