Those who follow the immigration issue closely may be familiar with this story.  For those who are not, the Miami Herald offers a good summary:  “After nine years of washing dishes, Pedro Zapeta managed to save $62,000. Then he lost most of it overnight. Not to addiction or street thugs. To the U.S. government.”

Author: Bradley Maged

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One thought on “MIGRANT IS DEPORTED, $49,000 STAYS”

  1. I’m surprised guy was not fined even more for not filing his taxes for 11 years. Does anyone know what fine can be for do not reporting your taxes in 11 years? I bet much more then $49K.
    I’m also surprised guy is not in a jail for using a fake SSN. This is crime, unless I do not know something I do not know.

    As for the statement that this poor guy could teach American how to save money – of course. By not paying your taxes, like he did, anyone could save even more.

    So if I did not pay my taxes for 9 years and if I do not pay to my immigration attorney (I love you Kristina!!!) I would be rich for sure.

    This article reminds me a Soviet Union “paid” articles back from the 70’s. Shame on the reporter for not being an objective trying to protect the poor guy.

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