According to AILA:

On 11/01/07, during a conference between House and Senate conferees to reconcile differences between their respective versions of the Labor-HHS-Education (H.R. 3043) and the Military Construction-VA (H.R. 2642) appropriations measures, two major provisions have been reportedly stricken although no text of the conference report will be available until November 5.

AILA member action, including a letter from AILA President Kathleen Campbell Walker to Speaker Pelosi demanding that the H-1B fee increase be removed, was heeded as the conferees have stricken that provision from the conference report. In a related action, the conferees also removed the amendment added by the Senate that would have recaptured unused green cards for schedule A occupations. Because a presidential veto threat still looms over this conference report, stay tuned to InfoNet for the latest news as it become available. (AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 07110262 (posted Nov. 2, 2007))

Author: Bradley Maged

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