According to a New York Times Edtorial:  “By capturing almost nobody, the report-to-deport program has bolstered the talking points pushed by the immigration agency and the restrictionist hard-core: illegal immigrants are a vast class of criminal fugitives, and only more enforcement can solve this problem.”

This is an interesting perspective.  However, I believe that the officials at ICE actually believed this program could work.  If the agency knew this program would fail, they should also have predicted that it would be mocked for its inherent silliness and subsequent failure…not an accomplishment to be terribly proud of.

There is a lot of buzz about a raid that is expected to take place imminently in the Gulf Coast area.  According to the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance, ICE has booked dozens of hotel rooms in the vicinity and “the federal court in Hattiesburg is being readied for a response smilar to the response that followed the raid in Postville, Iowa…” 

Author: Bradley Maged

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