Thanks to one of our clients for bringing this article to our attention.  According to the article on cnnmoney.com:  “Immigration experts expect H-1B applications for 2009 to be at their lowest levels in years. Some even suggest that after April 1, the first day on which applications may be filed, it could take a week or more to fill the quota of 85,000 visas. (65,000 visa spots are open to all applicants, while an additional 20,000 are earmarked for those with graduate degrees from U.S. universities.) In past years, it’s taken as little as 48 hours for the queue to fill up.”

This means that if you want an H-1B this year and you apply on April 1, 2009, your case will probably be accepted for processing.  Of course, if you wait until June to file, it will probably still be too late.  In other words, getting your case adjudicated will be less of a gamble than in years past.  Immigration lawyers across the country are reporting a sharp decrease in demand for H-1B visas this year.

Author: Bradley Maged

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