According to a report released by the US DOL, Employment and Training Administration on 2/15/2012, 16,555 PERM Labor Certification cases were processed in FY 2012.  Of these, 12,350 were certified, 3,312 were denied and 893 were withdrawn.

In January 2012, 1980 applications were certified, 960 denied and 260 withdrawn.  The percentage of PERM denials was higher in January than for the rest of the fiscal year.  Hopefully this is not a trend for the agency.

Of 24,400 Active PERM Cases, 60% are pending Analyst Review, 26% are pending Audit Review, 8% are pending Appeal, 4% are in Supervised Recruitment and 2% are Sponsorship/BE.

PERM Processing Priority Dates can be viewed on the icert portal.

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Author: Bradley Maged

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