Politics as usual in DC as President Obama felt political pressure to hold off on any executive action regarding the nation’s broken immigration system until after the November mid-term elections.  Pro-immigrant groups are understandably upset that they are facing yet another delay by the president on his promise to take executive action by the end of the summer.

My two cents?  The President will take action before the end of the year but will wait until after the elections.  This will be a period where politically, there will be little to lose.  If by some miracle, Democrats hold some sway in Congress, he may even have congressional support.  However, the President has been burned too many times to trust that the fractured Republican party will offer anything but perhaps lip service to serious immigration reform.  I expect he will go big.  As big as the constitution arguably allows the executive branch to go, in an effort to reform our nation’s immigration system to meet the needs of the country.  At that point, if the few, loud, extreme right members of the Republican Party choose to spread their vitriol against immigrants or take away rights that have already been granted by the President, the party will seal its fate for the 2016 Presidential election.

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Author: Bradley Maged

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