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Election Day is tomorrow and many pundits are predicting that President Obama will go it alone on fixing the nation’s broken immigration system within the next few weeks.  Rep. Lewis Gutierrez has posted a useful chart on his website entitled “Getting Ready for Administrative Action”.

Although nobody knows the details of what administrative action would entail, any legalization component would require the production of documentation.   For those who are given an opportunity to legitimize their status, time is truly of the essence and the earlier these individuals start assembling documents that will likely be required, the sooner they can get the process rolling.

Immigration Reform has been attempted for the last decade without success.  If the President initiates substantive executive action within the confines of the power of office, millions of workers and their families would see their lives changed forever.  Executive immigration orders may end up being the bold move that will define President Obama’s legacy.

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Author: Bradley Maged

I'm Brad Maged, an immigration lawyer in Boston, Massachusetts. I help people who want to live and work in the United States and companies that wish to employ them. This blog provides opinion and information on developments in immigration law. Thanks for reading!

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