In a rush to use up all of the EB visa numbers that would have been made available in July, the USCIS apparently approved thousands of cases in June. In fact, AILA reported that several CIS officials notified them that they were instructed by CIS HQ to pull all I-485 applications that had been pending for more than six months whether or not background checks had cleared (this information was NOT confirmed by USCIS HQ). As a result of this unprecedented action, many approvals of pending I-485 Applications can be expected in the coming week.

Another quirk in the CIS rush to approve I-485s is that some lawyers report having received phone calls in June from the CIS to answer questions on applications.  This is normally done by the issuance of a “Request for Additional Evidence” by mail.
If and when a televised congressional hearing takes place, I will be glued to C-SPAN…enjoy your fourth!

Author: Bradley Maged

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