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Once an I-485 – Application to Adjust Status has been filed an alien should proceed with caution before leaving the US. With the exception of certain H and L visa holders, prior to traveling abroad, an adjustment applicant must have applied for (using Form I-131), and been granted Advance Parole. This travel document is valid for up to one year and may permit multiple entries.


1. The alien must have been granted Advance Parole while in the US, if not (s)he will be deemed to have abandoned his or her adjustment application;

2. It is the alien’s responsibility to ascertain that (s)he is entitled to Advance Parole. If an alien is subject to the 3 or 10 year bars to reentry, was erroneously granted Advance Parole, and tries to reenter the US, the inadmissibility bars would still apply;

3. The alien must depart and return during the validity of the Advance Parole document and must be in the US while awaiting extension of Advance Parole.

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