According to an article on reuters.com:  “Immigration has turned many business into activists across the country and it has stirred strong passions in the United States in this election year.”

Given aggressive Federal enforcement and a hodgepodge of new state laws, employers are feeling the crunch and are trying to lobby for changes to the laws, both at the state level and nationally. 

Hopefully Congress and the new President will have the courage to enact comprehensive immigration reform in 2009 so that the country can be on the same page regarding this issue.  It is a shame for states and municipalities to have to pass laws or ordinances that are either pro or anti-immigrant because the federal governement has failed to act.    

Author: Bradley Maged

I'm Brad Maged, an immigration lawyer in Boston, Massachusetts. I help people who want to live and work in the United States and companies that wish to employ them. This blog provides opinion and information on developments in immigration law. Thanks for reading!

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