I received a kind e-mail from someone at who informed me that there is an interview with Dr. Q on that site.  The interview puts a face to the story of the man who started in the U.S. as a migrant farm worker and became a John Hopkins brain surgeon and is worth checking out.

In our practice we come across people who are living the American Dream because our immigration laws gave them that opportunity.  They benefit as does the country as a whole.

When Comprehensive Immigration Reform comes up again in Congress, I hope the cool-headed, compassionate majority will be motivated to call their congressional representatives to drown out the loud, yet passionate minority who oppose changing our laws so that they make sense.

Author: Bradley Maged

I'm Brad Maged, an immigration lawyer in Boston, Massachusetts. I help people who want to live and work in the United States and companies that wish to employ them. This blog provides opinion and information on developments in immigration law. Thanks for reading!

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