According to an article on computerworld.com:  “U.S. immigration officials are taking H-1B enforcement from the desk to the field with a plan to conduct 25,000 on-site inspections of companies hiring foreign workers over this fiscal year.”

Inspections are conducted by contractors who may ask to:  tour the business, view employee documentation, ask questions of the H-1B petition signatory and/or the beneficiary.  The government is of the opinion that they are entitled to conduct these inspections without a warrant or notice to the empployer.  This notion has not been challenged to date.  Employers may want to contact their immigration counsel to at least be present on speaker phone during the interview.

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Author: Bradley Maged

I'm Brad Maged, an immigration lawyer in Boston, Massachusetts. I help people who want to live and work in the United States and companies that wish to employ them. This blog provides opinion and information on developments in immigration law. Thanks for reading!

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